New Yorkers Read
The Office of Library Services is pleased to announce 81 schools have be awarded the 2012 New York City School Library System's New Yorkers Read grant.
For the first time, this grant was awarded to schools a all levels: Elementary, Middle and High School!
Reading is paramount in enabling students to achieve success. Students who develop a love of reading and an ability to read with comprehension are more likely to be engaged in their learning and empowered to meet the academic and personal demands of their future.
To help develop these qualities that support learning, the Office of Library Services has developed the New Yorkers Read initiative.
The overall goal of this initiative is to:
  • Connect students with real-life reasons to read, as demonstrated every day by the eight million residents of New York City.
  • Enable students to start building a pathway to their future through exploration of dynamic nonfiction books.
  • To support students in the reading of increasingly complex informational text.
  • To foster an intrinsic love of reading cultivating a life-long passion.

This campaign will validate the reading experiences of the students and their families, communities, and cultures so that students recognize that reading is a “life skill” that surrounds every area of life and is the key to college and career readiness for future success.
Activities at the school level may include:
  • Library book clubs;
  • Marketing and collection of “I read because. . .” post cards from family and community (elementary & middle schools only);
  • Integration of Web 2.0 tools to build a social community of readers
  • Promotion of school-wide reading initiative, including a New Yorkers Reading Ambassador program, for which

All grant recipients will receive:
  • A collection of engaging, readable age-appropriate non-fiction titles selected by the Office of Library Services that will be shelf-ready and processed for the central school library collection;
  • Two titles provided in sets of 10 for library book discussion groups;
  • Professional development for the librarian on conducting library book clubs using non-fiction titles; integration of Web 2.0 technologies; launching a school-wide reading initiative and developing a culture of reading at their school.
Elementary and Middle Schools will also receive:
  • “I read because…” postcards for family and community to fill out;
  • Passports for “Reading Ambassadors” (students who have pledged to read 15 books, collect five “I read because . . .” post cards from friends and family, and share at least two book reviews with their peers during the year).
All public and non-public schools with a central school library and librarian are eligible to apply for the 2012 New Yorkers Read grant. Selection of the schools will be based on the clarity and commitment expressed in the answers to the questions on the application. Please type all answers. No handwritten applications will be considered.